Stadiumred Europe has access to investment capital to propel portfolio companies to a higher level.

The type of companies we typically invest in adhere to two or more of the following criteria:

  • Startups having achieved mid six figure investment rounds or more,

  • Startups involved in exploitation of intellectual property albeit music, games, or film,

  • Startups offering a SaaS based tech product that has an established proof of concept,

  • Projects centered around the exploitation of intellectual property,

  • Projects or Startups not having a presence/placement in the US market.

Does your company or project adhere to two or more of the above criteria? Do you already have a pitch deck to share with us?

Please send us a short email highlighting some core information regarding the company/project and its current achievements along with a non-disclosure agreement for us to sign and return to you should you raise our interest.

Once the NDA would have been signed, we will prompt you to share your pitch deck with us to then discuss potential interest during an initial meeting.

Some of the ventures, the Stadiumred Group is has invested in include:

  • The Audio Hunt

  • Crosshair Music

  • LIQS Cocktail Shots

  • The Marsé Group

  • Scoremofo