Music is in our DNA – after all, this is how Stadiumred came to be in its early beginnings as a studio having serviced the likes of Eminem and T-I all the way to Yo Yo Ma and the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra.

At Stadiumred Music Publishing, quality trumps quantity as we purposely keep our catalogue limited by carefully selecting songs and artists we truly believe in to maximize placements.

With over 1000 tracks by an international roster of composers, our catalogue covers a wide range of genres set to appeal to the motion pictures, TV, and games industries. Our objective is to place every single track and that is why, to be fair to both artists and clients, we do not clutter up our catalogue.

Stadiumred Music Publishing focuses on making connections between the artist, their work, and content placement around the world. The concept is simple, license great music from artists and producers for the purpose of developing new revenue for them through sync.

The license allows Stadiumred and partners to “sync” music with visual content (film, television shows, advertisements, video games, accompanying website music, movie trailers, etc.) without interfering with the potential release of the work. The result for the artist is another revenue center to support their careers and the result for the content creators is quality and relevant music that elevates the content they have created.